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Reasons to hire an expert API Tester

Application Programming Interface or API testing is a technique used to test APIs on various parameters. This is performed to determine whether the reliability, security, functionality and performance of an applicationmeet the preset expectation.

Advantages of API testing

  • • Error-fixation at the early SDLC
  • • Enhanced test coverage
  • • Consumes less time
  • • Cost-effective, etc.

Role of anAPI Tester

  • • Expertise in using POST, GET, DELETE and other web methods
  • • Can easily validate the error code.
  • • Know the usage of Json parsers in validating the Json and XML body
  • • Understand API requirements
  • • Well-aware of advanced authentication mechanisms such as OAuth and OAuth2
  • • Know the way to organize API endpoints
  • • Focuses on small functional APIs, etc

Besides these, the API tester should have a creative mindset and ability to use the latest tools such as REST, SOAP,Karate DSL, Assertible, Apigee, Rest Assured, Postman, etc. Our QA team has knowledgeable API testers who can resolve all issues within a predefined time.

So, for testing the Software API on various parameters, you can hire API tester from Askme Technologies. They provide you best solutions as per the customer’s requirement. So, for performing the software API testing, you can without any doubt hire our experts. Just contact us to get connected to our team.

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Highly skilled testers


  • Our teams are highly skilled in the necessary programming, along with social interaction and communication.
  • We provide regular updates and progress reports as the job is executed.
  • We offer a short training and integration to help your employees get familiar with operating your new application.
  • Our selenium testers are proficient at utilizing Selenium’s most advanced feature called automation and parallel testing

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