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A QA procedure uses advancedblack-box testing methods to test the functionality of the designed software componentis referred to as Functional testing.

The process is performed by the testing team to:

  • • Check the UI, databases, APIs, etc.
  • • Test the functionality of the software component.

Considering its functionality, the procedure is divided into varied types which include:

  • • Component testing
  • • Unit testing
  • • Sanity testing
  • • Smoke testing
  • • Regression testing
  • • API testing
  • • Integration testing
  • • UI testing, and more

Tools for Functional Testing:

Given below is the list of major tools used to perform functional testing.

  • • JUnit
  • • Watir
  • • Selenium
  • • QTP
  • • SoapUI, etc.

Procedure of Functional Testing:

Functional testing is a step-by-step procedure. Let’s discuss all itssteps in detail:

  • • Identify function to perform the functional test
  • • Based on function specification, create input data
  • • Determine the expected output
  • • Test case execution
  • • Compare the expected with the actual output.

Functional Testing Advantages:

Functional Testing is a very important QA procedure. A few of these are mentioned below:

  • • Ensures to deliver good quality anderror-free product.
  • • It focuses on the pre-determined specifications according tocustomer usage.
  • • No conventions about the system’s structure, and many more.

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  • Our teams are highly skilled in the necessary programming, along with social interaction and communication.
  • We provide regular updates and progress reports as the job is executed.
  • We offer a short training and integration to help your employees get familiar with operating your new application.
  • Our selenium testers are proficient at utilizing Selenium’s most advanced feature called automation and parallel testing

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