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If you are looking to hire a Manual tester, then you must have an idea of why you need to test your web applications and software. The building or buying of a program is not the end of the road, you must ensure that the app performs as expected when used by customers and users.

Manual website automation testing has become highly popular for three reasons. The first is the cost of the Manual testing tool is completely free. As an open-source platform, the number of expressions and languages stored on the database are numerous allowing flexibility for programmers and testers. Finally, it provides automation solutions, running them in parallel mode.

At Testrig Technologies as a Manual testing company, our Manual programmers are the best of their peers to offer Manual software testing solution such as load testing, API Testing etc.With access to superior hardware, training, and experience we promise to provide you with efficient procedures. At Testrig we take responsibility for our job and the quality of our Manual Testing Services we provide is our pride.

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  • Our teams are highly skilled in the necessary programming, along with social interaction and communication.
  • We provide regular updates and progress reports as the job is executed.
  • We offer a short training and integration to help your employees get familiar with operating your new application.
  • Our selenium testers are proficient at utilizing Selenium’s most advanced feature called automation and parallel testing

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