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Hire security testers to reduce your system’s security risk

A mechanism to recover and remove errors in the security system of a software application is called “Security Testing”. It is a necessary process performed to protect the resources/ data from various kinds of threats. Considering its importance in cybersecurity, several advanced tools are introduced in the market:

  • • Wfuzz
  • • Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)
  • • W3af
  • • Wapiti
  • • SonarQube
  • • SQLMap, etc.

If you are seeking a professional security testerto fulfil security requirements of software including integrity, confidentiality, authentication, authorization, non-repudiation, etc. you can contact Askme Technologies. Our experts are well-versed in performing security testing using various methods including:

  • • Penetration Testing
  • • Vulnerability Scanning
  • • API Security Testing
  • • Web Application Security Testing
  • • Security Audits
  • • Security Posture Assessment
  • • Configuration Scanning
  • • Risk Assessment, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities

We haveprofessionalsecurity testers whobetter understand complex and technical terms related to cyber security terms.They will:

  • • work with clients to meet their requirements from the test
  • • simulate security breaches to test a system's relative security
  • • perform remote testing of the user’s network to uncoverthreats in security
  • • make a plan and implement it using the latest testing methods
  • • create reports consisting of uncovered security issues
  • • try to fix minimal security threats to systems, etc.

You can hire security testersfrom Askme Technologies at a cost-effective price.

All time-zones coverage

Highly skilled testers


  • Our teams are highly skilled in the necessary programming, along with social interaction and communication.
  • We provide regular updates and progress reports as the job is executed.
  • We offer a short training and integration to help your employees get familiar with operating your new application.
  • Our selenium testers are proficient at utilizing Selenium’s most advanced feature called automation and parallel testing

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