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Hire manual testers to manually remove flaws from a software application

Looking for a manual tester to check the software for the proper execution of the test case? You can contact Askme Technologies and hire a skilled manual tester. They possess high analytical skills andhence can easily find out all kinds of feature errors manually.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Manual Tester

A manual tester performs the role of an end-user for the:

  • • Manual execution of test cases
  • • Validation of software key features
  • • Development of summary reports consisting of all featured errorswithout using any automation tools
  • • Preparation of test plan, etc.

In short, you can a hire manual tester to catch bugs before going to live your software application. They deeply analyze the application to make it flawless.

Benefits of Manual Testing

  • • Cost-efficient
  • • Make the application user-friendly
  • • Programming not required
  • • Improve product quality, and more

The testing professionals of Askme Technologies execute test cases manually s per to the end-users perspective. They do it to check the proper working ofsoftware applications according to the customer’s requirement. To hire a skilled manual tester from our organization, contact us. They are well-trained in smoothly carrying out all the testing procedures without using any automated tools

All time-zones coverage

Highly skilled testers


  • Our teams are highly skilled in the necessary programming, along with social interaction and communication.
  • We provide regular updates and progress reports as the job is executed.
  • We offer a short training and integration to help your employees get familiar with operating your new application.
  • Our selenium testers are proficient at utilizing Selenium’s most advanced feature called automation and parallel testing

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